Landscape of Uonuma

The farm stay;
In this trip, you would have unique experiences of enjoying the daily life of the traditional rural village in Japan that have been repeated over and over by local people since a very long time ago, and the interaction with local people in the village to travelers enjoy attracts of the land.

At the “Miyuki no sato(the deep snow village)”, we set up “Uonuma Yunotani Farm stay Promotion Council (UYFPC)” with Uonuma City and “Agricultural Cooperative to in North Uonuma City (ACNU),” appeal the attracts of Uonuma region and manage the programs that encourage the region through the accommodations and experiences that both adult and children can enjoy for making local traditional dishes and playing with nature in there.

“The Uonuma Taiken!”-Learn, feel, touch Uonuma-program was released.
Both those who have been experienced and those who haven’t experienced should be impressed. In this region, you can enjoy the wide range of experiences such as tasting local products produced by local famers, shopping local farmer’s shops, planting rice and harvest, picking wild plants, kneading bamboo-leaf-dumpling and making handicrafts and so on.


Why don’t you feel the life, culture, farming in Uonuma?
We want to you feel interest for making crops and impression for making handicraft and deliciousness for cooking specialty of Uonuma’s foods by yourself.

Here are your excited adventure of the four seasons in Uonuma.


Farm stay are trips, literally for “staying”. Not only “touching.”
We are working with the following accommodation facilities below together to help your farm stay feel more comfortable for using natural local ingredients as foods and hot springs as your body and spirit be in relax.

Introduction to partner accommodations


Hotel Yunotani Sou
Yunotani hot spring village

The moment that unleashed your spirits by warmth of nature and relaxed to be unaware of the passage of time

Address  Shimooritate 245, Uonuma city, Niigata prefecture, Japan
Telephone number +81-25-792-2348
URL   http://www.yunotanisou.co.jp/
Notes Get off at Kanetsu Expressway Koide IC, 10 minutes

Hotel Yunotanisou


The lodging of hot spring Kairi
Echigo Great hot spring

The Great nature surrounded lodge where your heart healed by natural sounds

Address  Ōyuonsen 301, Uonuma-city,Niigata prefecture, Japan
Telephone number +81-25-795-2311
URL   https://www.kairi.co.jp/
Notes Get off at Kanetsu Expressway Koide IC, 10 minutes

Gensen Yunoyado Kairi


“The Gottcuo of Uonuma”
Gottcuo means “feast.”
Yunotani, a part of Uonuma area are blessed with plenty of forests and clear streams to be treasure house of foods such as edible wild plants and mushrooms, Uonuma Koshihikari rice, salted vegetables.
Using local wild plants and farm products, it takes over traditional local foods unique to Yunotani Uonuma.
These local foods makes you feel heartful “Thanksful Gottcuo ” that have been taken over mothers to daughters.
In these days, we are not using much time to cook local produce as used to. Please enjoy heartful “Thanksful Gottcuo ” here, “Miyuki no sato.”

Uonuma Gottcuo menu

“Uonuma Gottcuo Zen(meal)” grand
1,925 JPY (tax included)

“Uonuma Gottcuo Zen(meal)” superior
1,540 JPY (tax included)